Four useful bash tricks!

So much to do, so little time. These four bash tricks should help improve that efficiency!

  1. Running Bash commands in Subshell
  2. Alias to pull/update multiple GitHub projects without changing current directory
  3. Bash Repeat a Command x times
  4. Open Screen Sharing (macos) from command line
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Allow Screen Share on MacOS

To allow Screen Sharing for you or others to connect to your mac remotely, you can follow the steps below to allow access. This process is valid for Mojave and Catalina.

Steps to enable screen sharing

  1. Open Spotlight and type in System Preferences or top left click the Apple icon and go to System Preferences
  2. System Preferences
  3. Click Sharing
  4. Sharing
  5. Check the box beside Screen Sharing
  6. Check Screen Sharing
  7. Done!
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Palo Alto NAT configuration

5 Step configuration of a NAT on Palo Alto


  • Default/Dynamic NAT (Inside > Outside) - [Many to One]
  • Inbound NAT (Outside > Inside) - [One to One]
  • Bidirectional NAT (Outside > Inside or Inside > Outside) - [One to One]

NAT Summary Diagram

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Rename multiple files on macOS with Terminal

Quickly rename multiple files using terminal in macOS using rename

Install the rename utility

brew install rename

In the directory that you’re in, do the following (quotes are optional):

rename -nvs "<searchtext>" "<renamedtext>" *

Output will be something like this:

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